Leverage AI to Ignite Your Home Workouts

the hurdles of home workouts

Tracking Progress

We begin a workout, but something happens. The baby is crying. The doorbell rings. The movie got intense. It's easy to lose count of reps at home.

Maintaining Form

We do our reps, but how do we know they’re proper form without a trainer? Videos and pictures can’t give us feedback on our form.

Staying Motivated

We often say we are going to work out at home, and then we forget or find a reason not to.

Online TV Home Fitness Workout
Man doing pushup exercise during home workout.


We need a seamless automated solution that counts reps for us, gives tailored guidance on our form, and keeps us motivated.

Meet fitviz

We designed the FitViz smart sensor to make your home workouts easier.

Building on our successful track record with Sentinare, a proven sensor used in senior care to detect falls, FitViz represents the next evolution in our commitment to improve lives through technology.

FitViz leverages vision-based AI to count reps and monitor common exercises, such as squats, push-ups and lunges.

Simply set up FitViz in your home, input your fitness goal through our mobile app, and start your workout in front of the sensor at any time. We’ll handle the rest.

Man exercising at home doing kettlebell squat in living room
Yoga Mat at Home

Mount FitViz in an open area, at about waist height, where you usually do your workout. Then connect it to Wi-Fi using the mobile app.

Young woman doing plank exercises in front of a tv

Let fitviz do the counting

Release your focus from counting. Whether your set is interrupted or you’re just enjoying TV, FitViz counts your reps for common excercises like squats, push-ups and lunges. Start and stop throughout the day, FitViz will handle it.

Chloe: 6 reps


Don't worry about perfectly copying someone else's form, as FitViz analyzes your own motion to give feedback.

a motivator

FitViz holds you accountable to meet your rep targets. If you’re behind, FitViz will know, and the app will gently remind you.

Woman Working Out at Home Doing Squats with Elastic Band.
Asian Man Doing Exercise at Home

You’ll get a notification on your phone once you reach your target reps, empowering you to stay accountable and motivated at every step.


automated Tracking

Our cutting-edge camera tracks the quantity and quality of your reps of common exercises, giving you actionable insights.

Personalized Goals

Tailor your goals to your fitness level, whether you're aiming for a daily challenge or a long-term fitness milestone. We’ll send you a gentle reminder if there’s a dip in activity level.

Privacy and Security

Rest assured that you and your personal data are secure. By utilizing skeleton detection, no image of you is ever captured. Plus, built-in privacy protocols protect your information.

face recognition

FitViz leverages facial recognition to distinguish between you and other people in the household, ensuring that only reps you complete count towards your goal.


the difference

Workout apps based on manual entry of reps rely on accurate counting and the user‘s honesty. You can’t cheat with FitViz.

Wearables or mobile apps which count reps are often inaccurate, and require a constant battle with positioning that disrupts your workout.

Set up FitViz only once and get on with your workouts

Exercises at home, watching videos from mobile phone.
A Woman Doing Squats at Home

Our long-term commitment

Periodic over-the-air updates to FitViz will optimize performance, address issues, and expand support for different exercises.

Initial support includes:

        • Squats
        • Push-ups
        • Lunges

Post-launch additions:

        • Mountain Climbers
        • Jumping Jacks
        • Shoulder Presses
        • And More

Why indiegogo?

We believe in the power of community to bring innovations to life. By launching on Indiegogo, we can engage with early adopters, gather feedback, and secure the resources needed to finalize production. If the campaign is successful, we expect to ship early 2025.

Back us on Indiegogo today to unlock exclusive discounts, be the first to experience our technology, and embark on a journey towards a healthier you.




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